rotating tables

Rotating table concave

Concave rotating table

Rotating table concave, standard

Rotating tables for the end of the packaging line
The rotating table placed at the end of the packaging line, acts as an “accumulation station”, facilitates the unloading of the product leaving the packaging machine, and facilitates picking and canning operations to the operator.
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The Rotating Tables are available in the following versions: Rotating table with concave tray, ideal for the collection of packaged products coming out of horizontal or vertical flow pack packaging machines, shrink wrapping machines, thermoforming machines, thermosealing machines or bell vacuum packing machines. The rotating table with convex tray allows to collect the same products as the concave rotating table, but has the particularity of aligning them in the outer perimeter part.

The rotating table with flat disc is dedicated to all those products that must be kept vertically, such as bottles for the pharmaceutical industry, cans, cans, bottles etc. The wide range of accessories allows the rotary table to be customized to handle products of any shape and size, the rotary table can be used to receive output products or feed packaging machines, fillers, labeling machines, sleevers, etc.

The industrial production, the choice of components, the best stainless steels, guarantee a high standard of quality at a fair price.Our technical office is available to find solutions and customizations on request, in this case each Rotating Table is tailored and customized adapted to the specific product to be managed, or combined with any machine, whether it is configured to receive output products, or to feed any packaging or filling machine.

All our rotating tables are supplied with CE certification and user manual.



Welding perfection with latest generation welding machines.



Electric panel complete with emergency mushroom, thermal magneto switch, motor protection, 16 A 4-pole CE power plug.


CE Certificate

At the end of the assembly each table is tested and accompanied with a CE certification.


User manual

Each rotating table is equipped with a user manual and serial number.


Rotating table standard

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