rotating tables

Rotating table with sides

Rotating table with sides for collection and / or alignment and sorting of products.

It is positioned at the entrance of a conveyor belt, or directly at the machine to be fed, the rotating table with sides acts as an “accumulation and distribution station”.

The products can be loaded manually or by conveyor belt.

The adjustable deviators allow you to sort and align the products so as to feed the machine that receives them uniformly and without interruption.

Positioned at the unloading of a conveyor belt or at the outlet of a packaging machine, filler, labeller, etc.

It performs the function of collecting and accumulating products. The rotating tables are equipped with a variable speed drive to adapt to various needs.

The rotating disk can be supplied in slippery plastic or stainless steel.


It is carried out to perfection with latest generation welding machines.


In an appropriate section the electrical panel is mounted, complete with emergency mushroom, thermal magneto switch, 16 A 4-pole panel power plug

certificato ce wellfood

CE certification

At the end of the assembly each table is tested and accompanied by a user manual and CE certification.


Certicifato CE
Motore elettrico
Quadro elettrico
Piedino tavolo rotante



Standard rotating tables

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