Cup rotating table

Table The rotating table has the particularity to collect the products deposited on the edge of the tray, and convey them towards the center of the collecting tray.
The products can come from a chute, from a conveyor belt, or directly from a horizontal or vertical Flow Pack packaging machine, shrink-welded angular welding machine, thermoforming machine, etc.
It can also be used in the technical field for the collection of pieces at the exit of machine tools, assembly lines, etc.
Located at the end of the packaging line, the Rotating Table acts as an “accumulation station”, facilitating the unloading of the product leaving the packaging machine, and facilitating picking and canning operations to the operator.
The revolving tray, as well as the whole structure of the machine, is made of Satin AISI 304 stainless steel.
The speed of the rotating disk can be easily adjusted by means of a mechanical-variator knob.

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Cup Ø 1060

Concave cup rotating table Ø 1060

The Cup Rotating Table is situated at the end of the packaging line they are used as an “Accumulation station” to ease the product unloading stage at packaging machine output and to help the operator in pickup and boxing operations. The end-of-line rotary tables are made completely in stainless steel, with concave or flat trays and mechanical or electronic (inverter) speed variator.

End of rotary table packaging line

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